I do not know what I really think of this picture. The motive is really catching and all, but it is very blurry… Or dreamy. After watching it for a while, putting it away and them taking a look at it again, I decided it had to go out on the blog. I like it and i hope you do too. 

The motive is seeds, alot of them! Some Typha latifolia seeds had fallen to the ground and the inner parts of the partly brown seeds laid perfectly on the ground, upside down. You see some opened seeds  in the upper right corner. Typha latifolia thrives in nutritient rich waters like swamps, and even helps cleaning the water it grows in. They are a welcome inhabitant of a small pond that you do not want to go totally green with algae. 


Dreamy days

The third photography of spiders that I have shared on my blog! This one is probably Amaurobius fenestralis, but I found it quite hard to fully conclude with that answer. The main reason is that A. Similis, a cousin of this little spider, is extremely similar to this one. I fell on my conclusion after watching alot of pictures, and noticed more colors on A. fenestralis. It might not be the correct answer, though. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

This spider is sitting in a defence/attack position. He really did not like to meet a ongoing giant with a flashing camera. I would not like that either, I am pretty sure of. As a matter of fact, I would probably shit my pants or get a heart attack. 

A difficult family

This is a common wolf spider (pardosa amentata) from Norway. With a max lenght of only eight millimeters they can be hard to spot but sometimes they appear in large numbers. In the area I found them, there was thousands of them little creepy crawlies. Allthough people tend to not like spiders they are helping us alot on a daily basis, keeping ants and other intruders out – especially the common wolf spider.

Common wolf spider

This is the third of three pictures with wood/macro theme. The little piece of dried wood once was a piece of a big tree that lost the fight against time and weather this winter. When this is attached to the tree, you see it as a “nest” with lots of dense tiny branches, or as something that looks like a tumor on a big branch or the body itself. I have heard some stories about it being cancer, but I think it also can be some kind of cellular damage done by some insect. Do you know what it is?

Wood – Is it cancer?

This is the second picture of three with wood/macro theme. The markings on this piece of wood is made by forresters, using big machines to lift and chop the wood. I like the black & white contrasts and all the lines that the cracks creates. At first sight I thought this picture was a little “off-horizontal”, but is it, really? 

Wood – stampeled by men

This is the first of three pictures with wood/macro as theme. I tried to capture how human intervention and the wheel of time shapes wood and turns it into great portraits for those who looks close enough, to capture. I like the noisy symmetry of the small spikes, and the shadows they throw.

wood – All spikes up

Another landscape photo. I was watching a storm slowly coming my way, and decided to try to shoot its dramatic behaviour. You can see the rain falling down in the horizon, but It is still sunny where I stand at this point. The rain appared two minutes later, and the temperature decreased by five degrees celcius in a blink of an eye. It was time to find shelter.

The storm is coming