This is one of the pictures that I have shot which is not macro. I remember walking off the tracks in the forrest when I suddenly found myself stearing into the eyes of a roe deer (capreolus capreolus). The eye contact only lasted for a split second before the frightened little creature jumped away in panic. I just realized that I had walked right into a resting spot. After a minute or two I managed to calm myself down a bit, and suddenly noticed this motive. I really like the composition and symmetry together with the contrast, and the calm feelings this picture induces in me. No wonder why the roe deer like to chill out at this spot.


Tranquil noise

This is a photo taken last year. I believe it is autumn or late summer.  I like the colors in this picture, and the contrast it creates. I also tried this one out in black & white, but I was more fond of the one with colors. I will put it out on the blog for you all to decide on your own. Please let me know what you think!

An ants perspective

How do they experience life inside them small houses?

What do they experience inside their cocoons, those larvaes soon to be butterflies? Do they feel anything? Do they sense the light through the thin layer of dried spit mixed with small pieces of plant?

I guess the answer depends on the stages of the cocoon. In the first stage the larvae is still inn there. But after a while the body changes and it turns into a mash, goo, metamorphosis or what you want to call it, before it finally turns into a pretty butterfly. I really want something like that to happen with me too!

This picture is taken last summer and the motive contains a cocoon made by Polyommatus icarus, and the flower of Rumex acetosa. When the great transformation has ended, a beautiful, blue butterfly appears. It is small and hard to spot, but it is quite a view when you get to see it close up. I really like the colors and shapes in this picture so I decided to share it with you guys. Summer memories…

The dandelion king

The little spider is the king of this flower. He even has his own kingdom with about 10 inhabitants. I watched him for a while, and he never tried to hurt his servants. I suspect this is a strategy to lure bigger and juicier incects to the flower, or maybe he saved some for later. Who knows? 

I took this photo in the late summer of 2014 with my Canon eos 40 D. It reminds me of warm and sunny days… Oh how I have been waiting for them to appear once again. The winter has been kinda strange. Very little snow in the cities along the coastline, just rain rain rain. It can make the strongest man depressed, believe me. I did not take a single shot with my camera from december until this week. I just did not have the energy nor mood to go out and use the damn apparate, so I am glad I finally catched the spark. I even went fishing two days in a row this week! Didn’t catch anything though… But I sure enjoyed life.

Shaped by time… And ants!

Ants. Not many people like ants. Even though they have big communities, highways, soldiers, nurses and chambers where they grow their own food. As a matter of fact, they are quite like us humans. 

Some days ago I was out for a walk to see how the last storm made its impact on the forest. I found this really old tree (must have been 70-80 years old) that had lost the fight against the wind, and i noticed some quite amazing structures. First I assumed assumed this work was done by some kind of bark beetle, but i suspect that a small colony of forest ants did it, because the area is a perfect biotope for them. It really facinates me that these small creatures can create beautiful art like this.

I see spring in macro perspective!

Wooha! Finally my new blog is up and running. I will try to update it as often as possible, with experiences, photos and activities in nature settings.

I was out in the forest near my home yesterday to test the new macro lens for my Canon eos 40D. the sun was shining and the temperature was 5 degrees Celsius in the shadows. Unfortunately there were some windthrows that from time to time made it quite difficult to get a good picture. I got a few good ones, though. It is amazing what you can see if you take a closer look…

I will share some of them with you on the blog. If you like them, or simply want to buy one of them, please comment!

Macro. Canon eos 40D.

Forest Fairy. Macro. Canon eos 40D.

Wood and roots. Macro, canon eos 40d

Woodroots. Macro, canon eos 40d

Seeds. Macro. Canon eos 40D

Seeds. Macro. Canon eos 40D

Fossils. Macro. Canon eos 40D

Fossils. Macro. Canon eos 40D